When Dale and Craig established the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund in 2005, it was with the idea of extending the opportunities they had enjoyed throughout their life. Their altruistic gesture has mushroomed into a significant concern with a robust structure which, although carefully managed, remains a vital support for the boys it aims to help.

It takes a great investment in time and effort to unearth the hidden beauty of a rough diamond, transforming it into a precious gem.

In the same way, the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund aims to uncover the talents of boys who, if not given such an opportunity, may well never get a chance to shine. The Fund specifically targets disadvantaged boys who are either orphaned, or come from single parent families.

Most importantly, however, the boy must display a unique character and resolve; the type of determination and perseverance which refuses to be contained by diffi cult circumstances. The Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund helps to hone and harness this drive by providing scholarships at Johannesburg’s oldest government school, Jeppe High School for Boys.

How can you help

The number of boys benefiting from the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund has increased dramatically; from one in 2006 to 42 in 2012. In order to maintain the integrity of the programme, the Fund offers a maximum of 10 new scholarships each year. However, it requires funds in order to support these learners.

The Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund receives monies in a number of ways:

Email: elaine@theojacksonfund.org.za

Telephone: +27 11 614 9119 (Office)

Dale: +27 82 907 8666

Craig: +27 82 337 7627

Bank Details:
Account Name: The Theo Jackson Jeppe Trust
First National Bank
Account Number: 62301293817
Branch: Bedford Centre
Branch Code: 252 155